What is Ombudsgay?

Ombudsgay is a human rights advocacy organization working on behalf of the LGBTI collective by developing strategic activism in Mexico and the world.

  • We push the government and those in positions of power to end abusive practices and to respect every person’s inherent dignity, under the principles of equality and non discrimination.
  • Ombudsgay monitors and makes of public knowledge the manifestations of homophobia both in the private and public scopes, sponsors victims, and intends to bring those responsible for violations before justice, through the strategic litigation of paradigmatic cases.
  • It works with people that belong to the LGBTI collective and their contexts to generate human development capabilities, agency, life quality and fulfilled citizenship.
  • We empower activists and develop good practices for companies, government institutions, civil society organizations, and political parties, by enhancing them with capabilities and tools for the proper and effective use of the national and international human rights framework.